Connect with Hospitality

Two Ways to Connect

Designed for hotels, resorts, and motels


Connect with guests


Connect Within Staff

Better communication, higher satisfaction

Reach your customers with their favorite format

SMS gets read 98% of the time. Email can't say that at only a 20% open rate. The highest rated contact method is SMS, a whopping 90% level of satisfaction compared to 77% from phone calls and only 66% satisfaction from Facebook.


Give Better Service

SMS with your guests

  • Built specifically for hotels, resorts, and motels
  • Accept reservations via text message
  • Quote guest rates and room availability
  • Automated messages based on guest actions
  • Commuincate with guests prior and during to their stay
  • Guests ask questions, upgrade rooms, and more
  • Store actionable items to stay on top of guest requests


Connect Your Team

Communicate with team members

  • Built specifically for management and staff
  • A single dashboard at the front desk
  • Avoid overuse of phone calls and emails
  • Multiple channels to talk to different teams
  • Quickly share guest issues and requests
  • Stored communication so you never lose your place

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