Join Khale on an Epic 24 hours in Zion National Park

Chaos ensues as Khale explores a hectic, yet life changing 24 hours in Zion National Park. She pursues her desire to live outside her comfort zone, leading to an uncontrollable need to scramble and hang off a 1,488 ft cliff. From dangerous well known hikes to a few of the lesser known must sees, follow this wild one on an epic adventure of extreme wanderlust therapy through the desert!

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Khale Kinz
Welcome to Looking for Nowhere

Follow along Khale as she navigates life one random adventure at a time, inspiring listeners to “get lost on purpose.” She discusses how she threw out the excuses, decided to say “f*ck it,” and established her own path while on a solo exploration of the Olympic Peninsula. From waterfall discoveries to not getting eaten by a bear, see how one trip created a passion for many other spontaneous and sometimes absurd adventures to follow!

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