Connect with hospitality

Built specifically for hospitality, Connect provides an omni-property communication platform to be viewed at all organizational levels.

Flexible AI messaging for both the concierge and guests.

About Connect

Connect is THE administration panel to connect your property to our GUEST MESSAGING & booking platform .



Connect with guests

Reach out to guests with promotions and incentives to stay again. Focus on what they like about your property.


easy to use rates and availability

designed by people who work in hospitality our rates and availability is simple to setup and manage. we will work with your property management system (PMS) or central reservation platform (CRS) to build the BOOKING best EXPERIENCE.


focus on what matters

Connect allows you to focus on guests preferences as well as determining what future guest appreciate about your property. By adding your property to jenie, you are not only adding more reservation you gaining behavioral BOOKING INSIGHTS.


Manage content

we will help you setup your property and the valuable amenities about your property in our well designed implementation and rollout. after your live, our connect platform makes it simple to manage your content.


Add the smallest of amenities

easily add amenities for future guests to search exactly for your property and the amenities you offer


We believe in guest satisfaction too
— JENIE team