Where to go for the Best Coffee in Portland

Cutest Coffee Shops & Best Coffee in Portland

OK, so let me start off by saying that there are a couple coffee brands that for some reason, I just don’t like, and that’s Pete’s Coffee and Seattle’s Best. I know, I KNOW, they’re local! So it makes me so sad that I just don’t like the taste. I think it’s because I prefer a more mellow roast, and these two coffees are a bit more bitter, in general. That said, I’m literally drinking Pete’s right now because it’s what the cafe at my gym has, so it must not be that bad lol. Just personal preference I guess.


Now for a few of my favorite coffee shops…all the photos in this post were taken at Nova Coffee, which I absolutely LOVE. The interior is so light, bright, and airy, and the almond milk hot chocolate I had was divine. I mean seriously, so creamy and delicious, I couldn’t even tell I was drinking a milk alternative it was that good.

Good Coffee is another place that I love! They actually have four locations scattered throughout Portland, but my favorite is their location inside the Woodlark Hotel. The decor is so beautiful and there are tons of cozy spots to whole up and work, catch up with a friend, or just relax. They have a delicious brew, and some really tasty treats! Last time I was there I had this lemon shortbread cookie thing that was so good, I as going to grab another but they were already out! Guess I’ll have to go back 

I recently shot at Dapper & Wise with my photographer friend Meghan (check her out here!), and got to try one of their almond milk lattes. I’m usually not a huge fan of straight up almond milk and espresso, but I actually really enjoyed this one! I think my favorite thing about Dapper & Wise though was the location, it’s on SE Division street and is really close to some boutiques that I love, so it’s the perfect place to meet your girls before doing some shopping  P.S. they have a coffee lab in Hillsboro that’s open to the public, if you’re interested in learning more about the subtle art of coffee!

OK, we’re nearing the end of my roundup of best coffee in Portland, just two left! I’ve talked about Case Study a few times on my Instagram, but it’s so good that I have to mention it again here. They have three locations throughout Portland but the downtown one is my favorite. It’s kinda loud, busy, but FUN. And it’s right next to the downtown library, Pioneer Courthouse Square, and Target (need I say more?). I’d recommend grabbing one of their snickerdoodle cookies if you’re ever in there, they’re so good! Also, can you tell I have a thing for cookies??? Leave me your favorite type of cookie in the comments if you feel me 

Phew, we made it! If you’re still here reading this post then you’re the real MVP, so THANK YOU for sticking with me My last coffee shop that I have to mention and possibly the #1 best coffee in Portland, is Kainos Coffee. Kainos has two locations, one in NE Portland and another in The Dalles, Oregon (where they also serve pizza!). They’ve been featured on the Travel Channel and Portland Monthly, and they ship coffee straight to your door on a subscription basis! The founders also use proceeds from the coffee you buy to GIVE BACK to a charity called Lifechild Asia, and it helps provide kids with clothes, food, and education in the Philippines. And in case you need yet another reason to visit their coffee shop, they serve homemade pop tarts and OMG THEY ARE SO GOOD 


Thank you guys for reading this post! If you love coffee as much as I do, have tried any of these coffee shops, or have a spot you think has the best coffee in Portland.

Brittany Nicole