About the partnership

You are probably used to ambassador programs, specifically in the fashion realm where posts equal free product and other facets. Here it’s quite a bit different, but much easier and more valuable. JENIE is a place where you get to list places you have stayed and collect commissions from the bookings.

As an authorized partner of JENIE you will be the first to collect in their entirety of the commissions from our source of commissionable properties. Any user who booked through your JENIE listings you will receive the full commission from the bookings whereas, our normal users will only be able to collect a smaller percentage commission.


How does it Work?

The authorized partner program is our opportunity to find enthusiastic travel enthusiasts of similar love of unique destinations in the accommodations industry. You are not chosen at random, but more importantly, by the relationships, experiences and network you attract.


Why Partner?

Besides the fact you collect larger commissions from our platform, you will also be PROMOTED to our client properties as a person who is qualified to promote JENIE properties. Properties could reach out to you or provide you with discounts and in return you help drive bookings to their property.


How to Apply?

Applications are currently closed. We will be taking applications for next year very soon.

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